With the foundation of 40 years of experience as a leading M&E Contractor of REE Group, having success deployed more than 100 solar power systems, REEPRO is currently the leading rooftop solar EPC contractor in Vietnam required by large projects, bringing the highest benefit to investors.    

1. The Importance of Choosing a Prestigious Solar EPC Contractor

The importance of choosing a solar EPC contractor is proven. Choosing a reputable and experienced EPC Contractor is something that investors need to put at the top of their minds to keep optimal performance during the project life cycle of 20-30 years.

Nowadays, the appearance of more and more companies providing EPC general contractor services makes the selection quite complicated, and takes a long time to make decision.

Risks to businesses/solar investors when choosing an inexperienced EPC general contractor:

  • Substandard design, construction, and installation systems
  • Poor quality equipment selection.
  • Ineffective actual project performance

This sets out for investors to find a reputable, quality and experienced EPC Contractor.

2. Reepro’s Strengths as a Solar EPC Contractor

  • Solid foundation

With the foundation of 40 years of experience as a leading M&E Contractor of REE Group, REEPRO is the leading rooftop solar power project contractor in Vietnam, successfully implementing more than 100 commercial and industrial–scale projects. REEPRO is awarded “The EPC Contractor of the Year award” at The Solar Future Awards organized by Leader Associates – the world’s leading renewable energy event organization.

REEPRO is currently the leading EPC contractor for rooftop solar power projects in Vietnam, meeting the requirements of large projects; and bringing the highest satisfaction to investors.

  • Products, supplies and equipment from reputable brand

Using all solar power products and equipment from reputable brands, trusted worldwide, towards optimal performance and long life for the project.

These factors make REEPRO become one of the leading prestigious equipment and materials Solar distribution companies in the Solar Power field.

  • Flexible Adaption


Add value by giving tailor-made solutions for each project detailed case to bring the highest efficiency. Possessing the strength of a professional team, regularly trained to improve professional knowledge, and experience in designing and constructing many commercial and industrial projects across the country.

Each project implemented by REEPRO as the EPC Contractor is guaranteed with optimal cost and highest performance.

  • Quality commitment

O&M service is a pivotal factor that makes many investors trust and chooses REEPRO. With a commitment to bring a standard solar power system, continuous operation, professional operation, and maintenance services always be along with the life-cycle of a project.

3. REEPRO– Top Optimal Efficiency and reputation EPC Contractor in Vietnam

As a member of REE Group – a typical multi-industry corporation in Vietnam, REEPRO has a new focus on developing the field of solar power.

As EPC Contractor, REEPRO contributes successful implementation of more than 100 rooftop solar power projects for factories, warehouses, factories, and other commercial projects.

Accordingly, REEPRO provides a package of solutions:

  • Field survey, using specialized software to forecast electricity output. Simulate the economic benefits that the project could brings.
  • Design, and consult to choose the most suitable equipment to meet customer needs.
  • Provide installation, grid connection, and operating instructions

If you need to find EPC Contractor to deploy solar power projects, please contact REEPRO to achieve the highest benefits! For further information, please contact us:

REEPRO Service and Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Hotline: 0901 366 377
Head office: 364 Cong Hoa St., Ward 13, Tan Binh Dist., HCMC

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