Who is REEPRO? Why are many national and international projects in Vietnam trusted to use mechanical products manufactured by REEPRO?

In this article, I will help you take a closer look at Mechanical Products manufactured by REEPRO – Products that meet all levels of construction in Vietnam. Check out the details below!

1. About REEPRO

REEPRO Service and Manufacturing Company limited is a member of Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Corporation (REE). One of the first and largest companies in Vietnam specialized in manufacturing Reetech air-conditioners and mechanical products.

Over 3 decades of researching and developing, Reetech air-conditioners and mechanical products (such as air ducts, air dampers, air diffusers, and trunking), designed and manufactured by REEPRO, have been contributing to the completion of key national projects and high-class projects of international standards.

2. Mechanical engineering products produced by REEPRO:

* Airducts

REEPRO manufactures and supplies all kinds of Reetech brand air ducts: rectangular duct, round duct, acoustic duct, silencer, fire-proof duct…, compatible with international standards, such as SMACNA, DW/144

The automatic production line system and modern auxiliary equipment of REEPRO help products with outstanding quality and aesthetics.

* Air dampers

Air damper is a device capable of regulating the air flow in the supply and return air systems. They are tested in conformity with international standards such as AMCA 500-D, UL 555S, ISO 10294-1, BS-476. Air dampers distributed by REEPRO are used in national-level projects and high-class works of international standards.

*  Air diffusers

REEPRO manufactures and supplies a variety of Reetech air diffusers, meeting all design requirements with high aesthetics as well as suitable installation needs in many spaces.

Air diffusers provided by REEPRO are tested in conformity with TCVN 5778-2007, Australian Standard with TCVN 4878:2007, Australian Standard 1217.2 – 1985, Air diffusion Council (USA) Equipment test code 1062:GRD-84.

* Cable tray and ladder

Reetech cable ladder are designed and manufactured by REEPRO made of:

  • Basic material to manufacture cable ladder is galvanized steel sheet in conformity with JIS G3302 standard
  • Black steel sheet in accordance with JIS G3141 standard
  • Tole ZAM conforms to ASTM A1046, AS 1397 standard.

Cable tray ladder is designed and manufactured by REEPRO meet national and international standards: TCVN 4878:2007, IEC 61537:2001, NEMA VE 1 2002

3. Reetech – Mechanical products brand manufactured by REEPRO

Reetech air ducts manufactured and developed by REEPRO for more than 30 years have a strong foothold in Vietnam. With a team of engineers and workers with many years of experience, modern production machinery and equipment, strict quality management according to national and international standards. Products have been trusted at all levels of construction in Vietnam.

4. Why should you choose mechanical engineering products manufactured by REEPRO?

In order to build trust at all levels of construction, REEPRO always strives for continuous improvement, offering more effective new technology solutions for better products and services, bringing more benefits than ever before, and helping customers save up time and costs.

* Modern machinery and equipment system

Currently, the system of CNC precision machining machines used by SUMITECH for mechanical processing on demand includes:

  • CNC metal processing machine: The series of CNC cutting machines, CNC punching machines and CNC bending machines from the AMADA Japan brand.
  • CNC cutting systems: Plasma cutting machine of Lockformer – USA
  • CAM software: Software for designing and implementing Vulcan air duct fittings.
  • Automatic duct fabrication systems

Modern auxiliary equipment: Whisper-Loc of Lockformer – USA is a low noise duct seam closer machine, creating fine joints and ensuring high air tightness.

* A team of experienced and highly qualified engineers and construction workers

REEPRO has more than 200 experienced engineers and workers who are regularly trained to improve their skills to continuously create quality products and professional services to better meet customer requirements.

* Strict quality management according to national and international standards

In order to bring the best products, REEPRO always strictly controls product quality to ensure uniformity and high productivity with:

  • Quality policy according to ISO 9001 standard
  • Air dampers meet the AMCA 500-D07 standard
  • Air diffusers meet the Australia 1217.2-1985, Test code 1062:GRD-84
  • Cable tray and ladder meet the NEMA VE1, ASTM E367, TCVN 197 standards
  • Air ducts meet the SMACNA, DW/144 standards

If you are looking for a mechanical products manufacturer such as ducts, air dampers, cable tray and ladders, air diffusers to deploy works, please contact REEPRO to achieve the highest benefits! For further information, please contact us:

REEPRO Service and Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Hotline: 0901 366 377
Email: info@reepro.vn
Website: airduct.vn
Head office: 364 Cong Hoa St., Ward 13, Tan Binh Dist., HCMC

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